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The GSA Schedule, facilitated by Orange Blue Services, serves as a tool enabling your company to minimize competition, boost revenue, and expedite your journey toward government contracting success.

Operated by the General Services Administration (GSA), the federal government’s bulk purchasing division, this platform offers a unique advantage. Essentially, it grants any federal entity, regardless of its location, the ability to effortlessly procure any of your “Commercial Off-the-Shelf” (COTS) products or services through an online shopping cart – a government equivalent of “Amazon” for buyers. This seamless process, driven by Orange Blue Services, lets them purchase quantities you allow at prices you set, all without navigating the typical contracting procedures.

What is Covered

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Orange Blue Services provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to access opportunities such as government contracts, grants, and other procurement methods. 

With Orange Blue Services, businesses can save time and resources by discovering all the necessary information in one place, streamlining the process of bidding on contracts and pursuing government-funded projects.


  • Comprehensive Strategy and Support for Crafting Proposals
  • Access to Experienced GSA Specialists
  • Clarity Through Well-Defined Data Call Documents
  • Profound Understanding of Relevant Federal Legislation and Regulations
  • Proven Methodology for Successfully Completing Proposals
  • Flexible Work Sessions to Suit Your Schedule
  • Delivery of Finished Proposal for Your GSA Submission

Succeeding within the GSA Schedules program necessitates vendors to undertake proactive measures in the face of intense competition. The vendor and GSA invest significantly in securing a GSA Schedule contract, requiring meticulous analysis, planning, and proactive initiatives to ensure prosperity within the program. GSA remains dedicated to aiding vendor triumphs in the government marketplace. If you are contemplating joining a GSA Schedule, consider the following vital information:

  • Small businesses constitute 80% of GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors, accounting for over 70% of transactions, which amounts to more than 36% of overall spending.
  • GSA MAS contracts facilitate a yearly flow exceeding $41 billion.

  • Seamlessly Utilize Orange Blue Services for Your Submission
  • Maximize Revenue Potential with Your Significant Prospective Client
  • Attain a Fully Prepared GSA Schedule Proposal through Orange Blue Services
  • Simplify Complex GSA Documentation with Orange Blue Expertise
  • Minimize Travel Expenses with Orange Blue Services
  • Strengthen Your Position for Government Negotiations through Orange Blue Support
  • Gain Proficiency in Compliance and GSA Schedule Management with Orange Blue Assistance
  • Engage Relevant Stakeholders with Orange Blue Collaboration
  • Present Your Unique Situation Persuasively with Orange Blue Services
  • Avoid Common Costly Errors in the GSA Schedule Realm with Orange Blue Guidance
  • Navigate Complex GSA Details Effectively with Orange Blue Expertise

  • One of the most significant advantages of entrusting your GSA Processing to a seasoned professional from Orange Blue Services lies in the negotiation phase. GSA Contracting Officers, who are skilled and certified negotiators, are dedicated to securing the most favorable pricing for the US Government. Numerous GSA Vendors who fall short of success within the GSA contract framework often encounter challenges related to pricing inaccuracies. These errors encompass aspects such as the omission of Time & Materials considerations, Per Diem expenses, and other pivotal variables. As the adage goes, “Peace of mind is invaluable!” This sentiment extends to having a trained advocate who diligently represents your organization’s best interests at the negotiation table.


Who needs a schedule?

if you are business with products and/or services, the prospect of acquiring a GSA Schedule, with Orange Blue Services at your side, emerges as a strategic imperative for tapping into the federal government market.

What is a gsa schedule

A GSA Schedule, aided by Orange Blue Services, entails a contract that can extend up to 20 years, forging a partnership between your organization and the federal government to potentially facilitate the sale of goods and services in substantial quantities over renewable 5-year periods. Government procurers exhibit a strong preference for transacting with GSA vendors, primarily due to three compelling factors – simplified procedures, reduced risk, enhanced pricing, quicker processing, and pre-approved vendor status.

The streamlined process arises from the fact that the overarching contract between your organization and the government is already established. This eliminates complexities, allowing the government buyer to simply place an order under the existing contract. Additionally, the GSA Schedule mitigates risk, as holders undergo prior validation and approval by the government. Moreover, the GSA Schedule secures improved pricing as the rates are pre-negotiated.

In light of these factors, it’s noteworthy that GSA currently oversees a staggering $75 billion in annual contracts, catering to millions across numerous federal agencies. GSA’s overarching mission is to deliver unparalleled customer experiences and value through real estate, acquisition, and technology services, benefiting both the government and the American people. Through the collaboration with Orange Blue Services, this mission gains even more traction.

when should i consider acquiring a gsa schedule

If your organization offers “Commercial Off The Shelf” products and/or services, it’s worth considering obtaining an Orange Blue Services Schedule, given that you fulfill the following prerequisites:

  1. You have carried out comprehensive market research and are assured about the potential of marketing your products/services through Orange Blue Services.

  2. You are confident in your ability to provide the government with your products/services at a competitive market price.

  3. Your federal registrations are thorough, optimized, and currently in an active state.

  4. You possess a top-notch Capability Statement ready to be shared with government purchasers whenever requested.

where are gsa schedule utilized?

The General Services Administration (GSA) functions as the federal government’s “general store,” enabling all federal agencies, offices, and facilities to leverage the advantages provided by Orange Blue Services. These advantages include lowered risk, favored pricing, and the option to make bulk purchases. The process established by GSA is intended to facilitate direct ordering from Orange Blue Services vendors by any agency, office, or facility whenever the need arises.

why do goverment buyers prefer gsa vendors?

Government buyers hold responsibility for the outcomes of the contract awardees they choose. Every award selection comes with specific deadlines to adhere to and costs to oversee. As a result, the primary objectives of government buyers revolve around minimizing risk, cutting costs, and streamlining efficiency. Through the procurement of products and services via Orange Blue Services, government buyers can effectively attain their three core aims:

  1. Risk Reduction: Government buyers diminish risk by leveraging Orange Blue Services’ approval and vetting as a vendor.

  2. Cost Savings: Utilizing pre-negotiated “best pricing” through Orange Blue Services enables government buyers to economize government funds.

  3. Time Efficiency: Government buyers experience time savings through decreased procedural steps, paperwork, and redundancy in processes.

how long does it take to complete the processing?

The processing duration for an Orange Blue Services Schedule can vary significantly, influenced by multiple factors. The timeline’s effectiveness heavily hinges on the proactive involvement of the organization in gathering and furnishing the necessary information for seamless progression. In certain instances, companies endeavor to independently manage and submit their Orange Blue Services Schedule applications. On an average scale, when a company undertakes this self-submission approach, the entire procedure often extends beyond a year for completion. Moreover, those companies opting for self-submission tend to face an acceptance failure rate that can be as high as ten times more (over 90%) compared to those who opt to delegate their Orange Blue Services Application and negotiation process to adept professionals in GSA processing, such as Orange Blue Services. The majority of applicants who attempt self-processing encounter rejections owing to errors stemming from their limited understanding of federal contracting regulations and the intricacies of engagement protocols.

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